Auricular Acupuncture & Ear Seeds


From our friends at Earseeds:

“What is Auriculotherapy? Often described at reflexology for the ear, there are hundreds of points on the ear that are believed to represent a microsystem of the whole body, with points for areas both physical and emotional. The stimulation of these points is known as Auriculotherapy. “

I love using ear seeds during and after an acupuncture or tapping session to maximize the positive effects of the treatment. Ear seeds are safe and can be taken off by the patient. I have also been incorporating the ear seeds infused with aromatherapy to help reduce stress and promote weight loss.

gty_penelope_cruz_acupuncture_earjpgPenelope Cruz was spotted wearing auriculotherapy at the January 10 premiere of “Venuto Al Mondo.” (Image credit: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)


Watch acupuncturist Jill Blakeway explain using ear seeds on Dr Oz. Click here

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